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Virtual Bike Racing
what is crypto bike

Crypto Bike Riders is a 3D racing videogame based on the Blockchain NFT technology, it is inspired on popular GP racing games like MotoGP and Motocross Madness adding cool extra features like the possibility to own and customize your bikes and earn $CBRD tokens while you play the game.

Crypto Bike Riders combines the best of the current NFT blockchain gaming with a thrilling competitive bike riding experience, you can enter this game for free as scholar, with just 5 $RIDERS tokens for a non-NFT account, or with an NFT bike / pit box.

how does it work

To play the game you need an NFT bike or pit box or both, however this is not a limitation, you also can start playing with a contribution of 5 $CBRD tokens that will be converted to the internal currency: Bike Dollars (B$), then you’ll receive a random non-NFT bike and you’ll be able to buy the resources to play and earn more B$ and also diamonds (premium currency). All the details about currencies are explained on the tokenomics section.


Crypto Bike Riders have 3 tokens. On the market: Binance Smart Chain ($RIDERS) and two internal tokens (Bike dollars and Diamonds) only for in-game transactions.

Token pre-sales: 2.5 million tokens are reserved for token pre-sales before listing on DEX platforms.

Ecosystem: Dedicated resources to the game development and infrastructure maintenance of the video game.

Game rewards: Are the rewards obtained by playing the game and exchanging internal currencies (B$ and Diamonds) to $RIDERS tokens.

$riders token

The Crypto Bike Riders token (RIDERS) is a BEP20-compliant token that can be traded on the Binance Smartchain, It represents the platform currency and also an independent store of value for our players and investors. RIDERS can be used to buy & sell items in Marketplace, to earn great APY by Staking and for governance of the projects with the votes of the community.

The RIDERS token supply will always be the defined in the Tokenomics, no more tokens than the specified will be minted and the minting keys will be destroyed as soon as they start the token pre-sale and sale on DEX markets.

bike dollars (b$)

The Bike Dollar (B$) is the default in-game currency, it can be used only inside the game to buy resources (temporary pit boxes, tool boxes, fuel refills, boosters and oil changes). To earn B$, just need to buy B$ with $RIDERS, play the game or farm, also it can be obtained if you receive the premium in-game currency: Diamonds, in such case, you can convert them into B$ and later exchange your B$ to the governance / market $RIDERS tokens.

Bike dollars can be obtained only by the methods described above, there are no other ways to obtain or produce B$, your Bike Dollars are a proof of your gameplay and your efforts to make your bikes more competitive.


Diamonds are a premium currency inside the game, they are needed for features like leveling up your bikes and pit boxes, also they can be exchanged to B$.

Exchange rate: 5000 B$ -> 1 Diamond

pit boxes

Crypto bike riders has two types of pit boxes, temporary non-NFT and NFT pit boxes. The pit boxes depending on its type, provide resources to your bikes (fuel, repairs, oil) and also allow you to farm B$ and additionally they add an increase in the drop rates of diamonds to your bikes.

nft bikes

Crypto bike riders has a vast collection of bikes, depending of the bike class and quality you can farm and obtain more bike dollars (B$) and major chances to win diamonds, with your bikes stored in your temporary or NFT pit boxes. The game has 4 types of bikes:

Basic: Scooters, not so fast, but good performance, regular rewards farming.

Motocross: Agile bikes, good acceleration, medium rewards farming.

Chopper: Aggressive, good stats, slow acceleration, great top speed, good rewards farming.

Racing: Fastest bikes at base stats, top rewards when farming.

Also an additional factor is the quality, depending on the quality of the bike you’ll receive more B$ and major chances to receive Diamonds when you put your bike in a pit box.

seasons, cups & rankings

Crypto Bike Riders wants to be not just a play to earn game, but also a competitive and E-Sports platform, for this reason, with the launch of the game, we will include a system of leagues and cups, looking always for a fair matchmaking, the system will always match your races with similar players according to their cups, bikes and skills, in order to have fair competitions.

After each race you’ll earn not just B$ or Diamonds, also cups, depending on your place at the end of the race. Ranked players in the world top 100 best, will receive great prizes directly in $RIDERS tokens every season.

The amount of the prizes and start and end of the seasons will be announced with each season, but the duration of seasons will be 30 days.

gambling & betting

Crypto bike riders will open a new possibility for other types of players, when the public beta of the game is released, the game will include a very special feature: gambling and betting. When the seasons start, you can place bets for your favorite players (you can choose between the top 20 players on the leaderboard). You decide the amount of RIDERS tokens to bid, and at the end of the season, if you win, earn more RIDERS tokens depending on the amount of your bet.


Staking is a very powerful instrument to reward our community members for having a long term mindset by locking their RIDERS tokens. By staking RIDERS you’ll be able to earn RIDERS rewards when you lock your tokens through our staking dashboard, later by your staking you’ll have voting rights over the Community Treasury.

If you’re holding $RIDERS tokens and you want to earn more, You can safely stake your idle $RIDERS tokens and multiply your earnings with great APYs and short locking terms (minimum 3 days to unlock your funds).

Altho Crypto Bike NFT is still in early stages, the project seems solid and well developed. According to their social media activity, there is a considerable amount of followers and interest for the Bike NFTs. They have build a sustainable community which will serve the project’s liability and longevity. The price of NFT’s to get involved is rather high for the average player, luckely they offer a solution for that problem.
In case you want to get involved, simply apply for a scholarschip and maybe you’re one of the lucky players receiving free NFT’s and a budget to advertise and expand your Crypto Bike NFT presents.

the good
Voting Rights For NFT Holders
High Staking ROI
Scholarship Optional
Minimum 3d Locked Staking
Free NFT Airdrops
the bad
Expensive NFT’s
Still in Early Stage
Not listed on Exchange (yet)

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