what is cointiply

Cointiply has been arround since 2018 and is a popular bitcoin faucet as well as a get-paid-to (GPT) site. Unlike most GPT sites, Cointiply offers various ways to earn Bitcoin doing things like completing surveys, downloading apps, watching videos, and even chatting on the site. There is a reason why Cointiply has over 3.2 million registered users and paid out over 800,000 USD. Based on real user data, you can expect to earn around $1.67/hour on average. Users will never get bored because there are always tasks available to earn more crypto.

the faucet

Cointiply has a faucet where you can do a free roll once an hour. Depending on the number you roll, you’ll earn a specific number of coins. Rolling the faucet once every 24 hours will increase your roll reward by 1% a day up to 100%. There’s also a 100,000 coin jackpot which you can win by rolling the number 99,999 as shown below. Ofcourse the chance to win the jackpot is very small, but you will roll the other rewards frequently.

watch videos

One of the most interesting ways to earn coins on cointiply is by watching video’s. The most popular channel is Hideout.TV where users earn points for every three ads that play between the videos. You can stream up to 3 devices per household at a time, as long as each device is a unique viewer. Points can be redeemed for coins at any time on the Hideout.tv website.


Surveys are the #1 way for people to earn coins on Cointiply. They offer the best survey offerwalls, including Tap Research, TheoremReach and Revenue Wall. Surveys will pay thousands of coins for completing one, and you’ll find all kinds of topics covered. Surveys are refreshed daily, so it is wise to check them often. You can also complete short quizzes from Jungle Surveys, which are available for all countries and have no daily limits.

offer walls

Cointiply offerwalls offers many ways to earn coins. Surveys, visiting webpages, downloading apps, watching videos, playing games and so much more. Top users earn 100’s of thousands of coins on a daily base from these offers. The most popular ones are Theorem Reach, Tap Research, Adscend Media and Adgate Media. Every offerwall is different, so try a few and find the ones you enjoy working for.

cointipoints & item pods

On top of earning coins for doing tasks on Cointiply, you also earn Cointipoints. The amount you earn for each task is 10% of the coin payout. For example, if you complete a task that gives 3000 coins, they will also give you 300 Cointipoints. Once you have enough Cointipoints, you can use them to buy “pods” which will give you items that are equipable to boost your earnings. You can also exchange items for extra coins, but I don’t recommend it. Equipping items and doing offers is more profitable long term.


Cointiply Quests are a new way to earn bonus Coins while you complete other tasks on Cointiply. They automatically track your progress and update as you perform tasks that meet the requirements. When a Quests requirements have been met, a “Claim Reward” button will appear beside the Quest. When it is completed, the next Quest in the category will automatically unlock.

Some Quests have the option to “Skip Quest”.  Clicking on this and confirming the action will mark the Quest as skipped and unlock the next quest automatically. Note that not all quests can be skipped. Only skip when you are NOT able to complete, as you can not go back and complete them later. By skipping you are forfeiting the reward.

the arena

Cointiply Arena is a fun new way to win Coins. Purchase Arena heroes & upgrade your heroes throughout the month. Every time a hero is purchased, the Arena prize pool increases. At the end of the month all heroes get automatically entered into Arena battles, where they will battle other heroes for Coin prizes. The last 100 heroes remaining each month compete for 20% of the overall Arena prize pool – huge prizes will be awarded!

Arena Referral Rate: You will earn 5% of all purchases and upgrades made by any members you have referred.

multiplyer game

The CointiPlay Multiplier is a fun game where you can multiple your Coins. You need to guess between a number of “circles” which ones contain either red gems (multiplier) or grey gems (game over). Each game has up to 11 levels, with each level giving you a higher multiplier. You can end each game whenever you wish and take your win—unless you lose, which automatically ends the game and deducts your wager from your account balance.

The amount of coins you can make from this depends completely on some strategy and a lot of luck. If you manage to guess all the red gems correctly you would multiply your deposit by 61.3x, which is pretty insane, but also extremely unlikely. A more in-dept strategy of this game can be found in the Forum Section of our website.

interest on balance

As of December 1st, 2018 Cointiply pays 5% annual interest on Coin balances. To qualify for the interest you must maintain an average balance of at least 35,000 coins for each week. Turn on “Enable interest” in your Cointiply User Settings (User Menu > Settings) if you want to benefit from this option. Make sure you make at least 1 claim each week (faucet, offer, or game) otherwise your account will be deemed inactive and you will not qualify for the weekly interest payout.


With over 3 million registered users and millions of page views each month, Cointiply has some of the most effective advertising in the industry. They serves over 18 million page views and over 70 Million ad impressions each month. You can chose between sponsored promotions, custom cost per acquisition campaigns, email promotions, banner ads, paid to click ads, custom surveys with call to actions and much more. It is even possible to get in touch with the Cointiply marketing team to promote your products, build your brand or increase engagement.

referral system

The Referral System pays you 25% of your referral’s faucet rolls, 10% of your referral’s offerwall earnings, and 0.25% of Coins played in the CointiPlay multiplier game. Referral commissions are paid once per day, shortly after midnight GMT. You can see how much you’ve earned each day in your Activity. You can also track your referral earnings in real time on your referral page.


The fact that Cointiply has been paying ever since they started in 2018, should take all doubt away about being legit or not. You can chose to withdraw directly to your DOGEDashcoin, and Litecoin wallet when you have at least 30,000 coins. Or you can withdraw directly to your Bitcoin wallet when you have atleast 50,000 coins. All payments are processed in 24-72 hours.

Go check out the “Withdrawal Proof” section in our Forum to see the withdrawal proof for Cointiply.