what is firefaucet

Firefaucet is not just an ordinary crypto faucet. What makes them different from many others is the possibility to claim 12 different cryptocurrency on autopilot. Press a button and starts claiming one or more cryptocurrencies of your choice. You can claim BTC, BNB, USDT, ETH, DOGE, LTC, DASH, TRX, NANO, XRM, ZEC and DGB.

Firefaucet doesnt use any computer power, but it does need some Auto Claim Points (ACP) which you can collect by doing several tasks on their site. There is a wide range of tasks available such as Shortlinks, Surveys, Faucet, Offerwalls, Daily Tasks and more.

auto claim points

You will need some Auto Claim Points (ACP) to earn crypto on Firefaucet. As soon as you have ACP, you can start to claim. You can choose to spend 1, 2, 3 or 4 ACP every minute. If you pick 4, you use 4 ACP but also get 4 times the amount of the cryptocurrency you are claiming.

Why would anybody pick anything other then 4? Well, for every claim you make, you also earn 1 “Activity Point”. With enough “Activity Points”, you level up. For every level up, you get some Satoshis for free. If you want crypto fast, pick 4. If you want to take the most out of the reward bonus, pick 1.

Activity points

You need “Activity Points” to level up. Claim from auto faucets, complete offers/surveys, do shortlinks, redeem gift cards, faucet, or PTC to get Activity Points. You also earn a guaranteed amount of coins every time you level up. Your “Activity Points” basically work as XP . With each level your bonus also increases which means you get more coins as you level up!


Offerwalls are a nice way to earn lots of free claims and Activity Points by answering some questions, viewing advertised sites, registering on service, downloading and keeping applications on mobile phones, etc.

For each offer completed, you get 10% value of claims reward as Activity Points. Firefaucet gives an extra 20% Reward Bonus for completing specific Offers.

ptc ads

Earn Free Claims by watching advertised sites for several seconds at the PTC Section. All you have to do is let the tab open for ~8 sec. After that you just need to enter the code that is populated and you get 50 ACP as a reward. You can only watch one advert at a time. PTC ads are refreshed daily, so don’t forget to check for new ads frequently.

shortlinks & bonus

Shortlinks are an easy way to earn Activity Points and Auto Claim Points. Shortlinks reward you with 50 APs and an increasing amount of ACPs. For every shortlink you complete, the Bonus Counter will increase by 1%. Shortlinks you do after that, will reward you with a bonus. This bonus resets everyday.


Surveys are especially good at providing APs and thus helping you to level up. 10% of the APCs reward value of surveys is also rewarded as APs. This gives you the opportunity to earn large amounts of APs. By completing surveys from TheoremReach for example, you could jump 2 or 3 levels with just 20-30 minutes of work.

daily tasks

The daily tasks list offers a small incentive to complete a few basic tasks on FireFaucet every day. The daily tasks list consists of shortlinks, faucets claims and offers/surveys. Completing all of these will reward you with 1,525 ACPs and $0.043. It’s not much but it doesn’t take much effort either.

claim rates

Your claim rates may differ depending on the settings you have selected like payout boost. For example if you set payout boost to “2x” then you will get 2x the claim rates mentioned below. The rates mentioned below are on 1x boost per 100 ACP. These rates include level bonus. These payout rates also depends on USD value of the coin, which is updated automatically every 15 minutes.

Happy Hour

During Happy Hour you get an extra 50% on every Auto Claim you make. Happy Hours are at 02.00 and 14.00 UTC every weekend on Saturday and Sunday. You can safe up all your ACPs during the week and benefit from the double reward in the weekend.

referral system

Refer your friends and get 20% of their earnings across offerwalls, videos, surveys, shortlinks, PTC and faucet claim. You will also get 5% of all PTC deposits made by your referrals. This can be an incredible earning opportunity if you invite interested advertisers.

Referral Chest

Referral Chest is a system designed to prevent users from being inactive for a long period after gaining referrals. Each time your referral does any activity, your referral earning will be added to your Referral Chest, all the way up to its maximum capacity. The current maximum capacity of your Referral Chest is $100. So make sure to claim from your referral chest before it’s full.