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Competitive PvP
What is clickfight

Clickfight is a multiplayer arena Bitcoin game. They have over 41.000 users and are online since 2017. The game started basic but over time they introduced new modes, features and events. You can mainly play against NPCs (Non Players) but also fight real players in big Bitcoin competitions called Events. The graphics are pretty basic but the game itself is fun, easy to earn and very adictive.

how to earn

The main way to earn Satoshi in Clickfight is by playing the game and defeating NPC’s. You will earn Experience, Credits, Crypto and Satoshi. Experience is used to unlock higher arena levels. The higher you go in Arena, the higher your rewards will become when defeating NPCs. Credits and crypto can be used to upgrade your character. Developing your character is a major part of becoming succesful in this game. So pick your upgrades wisely before running out of credits.

the arena

The Arena is where the battle begins. You can jump up or down between levels until you reach your max arena level. The max arena Level is your current level, which you can see on the main page. The maximum arena level you can reach is 23.

Keep in mind that you are only save from other players in Arena Level 1. It is important that you purchase some weapons before entering higher arena levels.


You can buy weapons at the shop. Note that each weapon has a different accuracy and reload time. After you bought your weapon, go to character and then equipment. Firstly dont forget that! They wont have any effect if you dont equip them. Secondly you can only do that while you are not in the arena.

Each further weapon will use more ammo, so make sure you dont run out during a fight!

ammo & medipacks

Each ammo deals a different base damage, for example the DoS attack has a base damage of 6, Cloud Attack has a base damage of 30. Some ammo is bought with Credits, other is bought with Cryptos. You will use one ammo per shot per weapon. For example if you have 20 weapons equipped, you will use 20 ammo.

Use a Medipack to regenerate 1000 Hitpoints. You can buy them in shop under the ”special item” tab. Note that you can only use a Medipack every 25 seconds. Use the Medipack to live longer and win the edge in an hard fight. They are especially useful in Competitions, where every lost life counts.


In Competition you can fight against other players to win the rewards of a competition. In every competition there is a goal set (e. g. earn most XP). Try to collect the most points towards this goal and win one of many rewards. Aim for Prestige Points. Those can be used to buy special weapons and equipment. Note that if you get killed during the competition, you may loose earned points (death penalty).


Events are basically contests that happen on a regular base. During an Event there are new NPCs that give special rewards when killing them. Rewards such as Event Coins can be gathered to buy Armor, Weapons or Equipment that you will only find during the Event. Try to login frequently to find out about “Upcoming Events”. These are announched ahead of time so you cant miss them.

creditnets & darknets

When you play the game you will find Darknet drops frequently. Find all neccesary parts to build the Darknet Alpha. When completed, you can join the Darknet Alpha in a seperate Arena and defeat all NPCs waiting for you. When you finish all levels, you win additional rewards such as Cryptos, Mobile Strike, XP, Prestige Points and Crafting Components.

There is more then one Darknet. Alpha, Beta and Gamma are the Darknets you can collect parts for. Besides that there is also Creditnet, which is the only one that can be bought. It costs 250.000 credits to buy and is fairly easy to complete.


If you are not a lone ranger, you can apply for an Association, or in other words join an alliance. The Association will require you to do some tasks or share some resources in order for them to grow and unlock additional benefits for all members. There are also Events where Associations team up and battle for domination in the Arena. Dont be suprised if you join an alliance and are being hunted by someone who will consider you an enemy, it could happen!

referral program

Playing with friends always makes it more fun. And in ClickFight its also rewarding for both. Once your referred friend reaches level 10, you receive 1 BN-3, 1 FW-3 and 3 days of a 10% XP Booster. Your referred friend receives 3 BN-3 and 3 days of a 10% XP Booster once registered.

In addition, you receive 25% of every payout and 10% of every purchase that your referred friend makes. So gather some friends and see if you got what it takes to dominate the Arena!


Go to the “Cryptos & More” tab and request your payout in the “Payout” tab. They process payouts partially manually. It can take up to 48 hours for you to receive them. You can choose between getting your Bitcoin directly in your wallet or using Expresscrypto or Faucetpay. The fees required for withdrawal can be seen below.

Clickfight is a fun & addictive game where you earn Satoshi by completing Daily Challenge, finding Zero-Day-Exploits, killing other players and killing special NPCs. But you will earn the most Satoshi for winning competitions.

Don’t get distracted by the poor design, because this is one of those games that survived all ups and downs that occured in the GameFi world over the years. That being said, the loyal users have become a strong community and significantly increase the long term health of this game.

If you like grinding games to collect satoshi, or you love a competitive fast-action game, then Clickfight is definitely a game that you will enjoy!
the good
Easy Gameplay
Online For 5 Years
Simple Way to Earn BTC
No Advertising
the bad
Very addictive
Poor Design
Extremely Competitive

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