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what is pipeflare

Pipeflare is a relatively new platform that hosts a handful of arcade games while also serving as a faucet for cryptocurrencies such as ZCash (ZEC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and its own currency, Flare Token (1FLR). On this platform, you can claim free crypto everyday, compete in Tournaments, Complete Quests, join a Staking Pool, play retro games, and buy/sell NFTs. 

People using Brave browser receive a 2X bonus on claims for the first 30 days while using their mobile app also provides a 2X bonus. Additionally, PipeFlare also has log-in bonuses, where every 6th claim day rewards you with a free spin to earn some extra ZEC. Every 7th day has a 2-3.5X multiplier for faucet claims on ZEC (Does not apply to DOGE). 

how does it work

 In the “game” section, users can play various games, such as Flare Hit, Beatbox Game, and Flare Jump in Zombie Soup, which can be described as a classic case of “extremely simple and super addictive” games. Users can be rewarded with some additional flare (FLR) at the same time.

PipeFlare also provides an additional multiplier for connecting users’ social media accounts to ensure their authentication. Currently, users can link Facebook, Google, twitter and LinkedIn accounts. The number of linked accounts determines the final multiplier for users to get higher income in each faucet claim or game reward. This means that the more authenticated users, the greater the multiplier, and the higher the reward!

Pipeflare games

PipeFlare currently has 10 available games. They pay out more than $2,000 a week in gaming rewards. You can earn Flare Tokens (1FLR) in games or compete in the weekly leaderboards. Each game rewards the top 300 scores with additional ZEC.

If you’re an avid player, you can pick up some of the NFTs to increase your tokens and game rewards. NFT Holders have a higher chance for NFTs to drop while playing games.

free airdrops

PipeFlare pays out $1750 a month airdropping ZEC, 1FLR, and MATIC Tokens. There are currently 8 different Airdrops available. To become eligible you need to perform tasks for each individual Airdrop.

All Users Airdrop: Claim atleast 1 time in 30 days prior to the Airdrop + Link at least two social media accounts.

Supporter Airdrop: Be a monthly or yearly supporter of any tier (Casual, Hardcore, or Professional).

Power User Airdrop: Claim at least 60 times (Auto-Pump counts) + Refer at least 35 people to PipeFlare.

Hardcore Supporter Airdrop: Have a Hardcore or Professional Supporter membership.

1FLR Staking Users Airdrop: Stake atleast 1,000 1LFR.

Professional Supporters Airdrop: Be a monthly or yearly Professional Supporter.

Rock Paper Scissors Airdrop: Play 3,000 Rock Paper Scissors games within airdrop month.

Pyro NFT Holder Airdrop: Hold atleast 1 Pyro NFT.

nft marketplace

PipeFlare launched a new NFT Marketplace. While most NFTs here are essentially booster items for rewards (For instance, possession of some NFTs double faucet payouts), user created NFTs are also available! In other words, you may buy and sell NFTs through PipeFlare.

pyros mystery eggs

Pyro’s Mystery Eggs, PipeFlare’s newest NFT series, is a set of 8 collectible NFTs that can be redeemed for prizes. These prizes include (but are not limited to): NFTs, 1FLR Tokens, Referrals, Pyro’s, Thieves, and Land (coming soon). Mystery Eggs will be dropped throughout PipeFlare games. The more you play, the better your chances of winning a Mystery Egg are.

Pyro’s Mystery Eggs are mysterious! This means that they won’t reveal which prizes each egg will unlock. Each Egg has its own rarity and will hatch its own unique set of rewards. The higher the rarity of the Mystery Egg, the higher the prize. Mystery Eggs are hatched in limited amounts seen below.

staking option

Staking is one of our most frequented features. It’s a great way to passively earn 1FLR and earn great rewards. Your Staking Bonus will depend on your membership tier, NFTs, the amount of 1FLR you have in your PipeFlare profile and more. Here are all of the ways to increase your Staking Bonus:

1. Become a Supporter: Become a supporter and earn up to an additional 15% Staking Bonus.

2. Own Pyro NFTs: Pyro NFT Owners receive up to an additional 3% Staking Bonus.

3. Purchase Staking NFTs: Purchase Staking Multiplier NFTs from Our NFT Marketplace and get up to 3x Daily Staking Rewards.

4. Hold 1FLR Tokens: Get an additional 3% Staking Bonus with the Elite Token Bonus.

5. Re-Staking Bonus: Re-Stake your Flare Tokens at the end of your staking period for an additional 2% Staking Bonus. Valid for 6 and 12 month lockups only.

Staking Rate Lock: Once you Stake, your Staking Bonus for that period will not change. If the Daily Rate drops, your Staking Bonus will not move. If the Daily Rate increases, your Staking Bonus will not move. The daily rates only apply to new sessions.

supporter perks

PipeFlare Memberships unlock tons of rewards. These rewards include awesome perks like Exclusive Airdrops, Faucet Auto-Pump, Early Access to New Launches, Ad-Free Experiences and so much more.

There currently are three tiers of supporters: Casual Tier, Hardcore Tier, and Professional Tier. Each tier has different perks and rewards. I’ve highlighted some of the top perks below, but this is not an extensive list. To see all current rewards, you should head over to the Supporters Page inside PipeFlare because new benefits are listed on a weekly base.

Ambassador program

The PipeFlare Ambassador Program is designed to allow the community to represent PipeFlare and participate actively in the community growth. In return, the participating members will receive an Ambassador NFT, special Discord tag and a monthy budget to sponser PipeFlare in further community growth.

Rewards For Becoming A PipeFlare Ambassador:

Lieutenant Ambassador:

– Lieutenant ambassador NFT which has 1.25x faucet multiplier.

– The lieutenant tag on the Discord community.

Captain Ambassador:

– Captain ambassador NFT which has 1.5x faucet multiplier.

– The captain tag on our Discord community.

– Up to $100 USD per month for future sponsor activities.

General Ambassador:

– General ambassador NFT which has 2x faucet multiplier.

– The general tag on our Discord community.

– Up to $250 USD per month for future sponsor activities.

the referral system

Not only do you earn some extra ZEC or FLR when your referrals make faucet claims, but you also earn small rewards each time a referral makes it to the top 300 of a tournament game! You’ll also gain faucet claim multipliers with more referrals. With the tiered part, the referral of your referral will also provide you with a bit of crypto (alongside the referral of the referral of your referral). In other words, if you have a large network, you’ll be earning some extra ZEC with little extra effort.

PipeFlare also has an interesting feature where you can actually purchase referrals starting at 0.75 USD. They also count towards your faucet claim multipliers. You can pay using Crypto through BitPay or just use a credit card. Referral rewards start immediately, as soon as your referral makes a claim or wins something from the tournament, you’re rewarded! 

Pipeflare is a clean project with reasenable long-term opportunities. Although the games are quite simple, they tend to be addictive, and it’s not difficult to enter the top 300 of the championship and win the Zec Bonus. They frequently add new games and more features to benefit the users, which fuels the liablity of the platform even more.

What makes PipeFlare unique, are the many multipliers and bonusses that can be aquired. They basically reward you greatly for your loyalty, which means the more tasks you complete, the more benefits will unlock.

Want to join PipeFlare? Then start thinking long-term, it won’t be worth the efford without taking advantage from the many promotions, bonusses and multipliers available.
8 Different Airdrops
4 Level Referral System
Ambassador Program
Weekly Promo’s & Bonusses
Market Competition
Low Staking %
Limited Coin Options
High Pay-out Minimum

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