'Counter Terror' is a game of the 'CS' style with cars. In the game there are more then 10 types of weapon accessible for free, 8 game maps and 4 cars. The types of matches: 'DeathMatch' and 'Team DeathMatch'. There are 5 military rank in the game. Each next military rank gives all your weapon twice more power. A player starts the game in the rank of common soldier. Then follow: 'Soldier', 'Lieutenant', 'Major', 'Colonel' and 'General'. You can spawn car on the maps: "Big City" and "GTA SA". In order to spawn car go to garage on the scene and press "Car Calling" button. Available shooting from the car. You can join to two clans in the game: "CCCP" or "DOLG".


*tab* = open menu *p* = full screen * WASD*, *arrows* = move *left shift* = run *space* = jump *c* = crouch *left ctrl* = lie *1*..*9*, *middle mouse* = change weapon *e*, *q* = change weapon *left mouse* = fire *right mouse* = aim *r* = reload weapon *f* = pick up weapon *t* = open chat *h* = show/hide chat *enter* = enter in car *WASD* = move car *c* = change camera view in car *space* = get up car *f*, *left mouse* = shoot from car *l* = police alert


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