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RollerCoin is a Free-to-Play (F2P) crypto mining simulator game. It takes the concept of bitcoin mining, but instead of the blockchain and processing algorithms, RollerCoin lets you test your skills, complete missions, undertake tasks, and play mini-games to build your mining empire. To boost your mining power, RollerCoin offers a variety of mini-games which are easy and fun to play.

How does it work

To earn cryptocurrency you have to build your Mining Power. It can be built by playing games and purchasing mining machines. The more power you have, the bigger piece of a mining block you receive. Network Power is the mining power of all players combined, though every player has its own mining power. All players receive real crypto rewards on their virtual wallets when the mining block is ‘calculated’ which happens approximately every 10 minutes.

playing games

In order to build your Mining Power you will need to play games. There are 12 popular 8-bit games available to play while each game only takes less then one minute to complete. Every single game you win gives additional energy to your mining power. The mining power only holds for 24 hours, unless you receive a power boost, which happens very often.

Playing games are a fun and easy way to slowly build your Mining Power. You can choose to mine the ingame RLT token and buy a miner with those profits. It’s a smart way to build your mining empire.

Rollercoin also rewards players for playing a lot of games by giving them a new virtual desktop computer. A better computer means longer holding of your mining power. You can’t lose this computer if you play atleast one game every 24 hours.

block rewards

There is a fixed block reward, depending on the power, activity, and the number of miners. The more power and effort you give – the more coins you get. You can increase your mining power by playing games or purchasing miners that will provide a stable increase to your mining power. Based on how you split your power you can select to mine one currency, two or even all at the same time! You can purchase miners using the in-game currency (RLT) by playing games or you can fast forwards your progress by buying it with USDT.

miners & mining power

When you purchase a new miner, it adds you some power and the miner works all the time, even when you are not online. This power is permanent. To purchase your first miner, you need to get a rack first, then you can place a miner on it.

Mining power can also be added for free, by playing games. When you win a game, the power grows too, but only for 24 hours. This means that the power from the game will be added to your mining power and then disappear on your RollerCoin account in 24h. To keep your mining power stable, you should play every day to compensate for the power decrease from previous days. When you win a few games, you receive a better PC, which makes your game’s power hold for longer.

mining parts

Gamers can build more powerful miners using ”Mining Parts”. To upgrade the miner, users will need two or more miners of the same model and parts that users can buy using RLT, or win as a reward for playing mini-games. Each upgraded miner is a new unique model. With each upgrade, stars that indicate the level of the miner will appear below. In order to be able to upgrade your miner, you need to move it to your inventory.


Loot Boxes give you the opportunity to discover rare miners which you can not find anywhere else in the game. These boxes can only be bought with the in-game Rollertoken. Rollertoken can be obtained by mining them, exchanging other currencies or by simply buying them directly.

Most boxes have a limited supply. Special boxes come at special events/holidays like Halloween or Christmas and won’t take long to be sold out. So make sure to have enough RLT ready when these crates drop.

rollertoken (RLT)

RollerToken is a new virtual currency as the foundation of RollerCoin crypto economy. The token is been developed on Ethereum Blockchain with all the applicable smart contract features. It is the primary minable token and a valid method to purchase in-game items such as miners and lootboxes.

season pass

The Season Pass is one of the most popular events Rollercoin released so far. With the season pass you can either buy exclusive miners directly or unlock them one by one while completing quests. Rollercoin recently finished Season 3 and is will release the next season pretty soon. They already announced that Season 5 will bring us the Marketplace.


Rollercoin has announched to launch an in-game marketplace where players can trade and exchange their miners and in-game items. The Marketplace will be a hotspot for buying rare and exotic miners from other players. Keep in mind that some players are in possession of exclusive miners. Now you see why Lootboxes, Special Events and Season Pass miners are extremely wanted. These will undoubtfully sell for a high price in the upcoming marketplace!

referral program

You will get a percentage from the combined income of each user you’ve referred. Your commission will be calculated the next day following the day you referred a user. You get paid full commission every day for activity conducted on the previous day. The money will be transferred to your in-game balance. You can choose to withdraw it or spend on mining equipment and other boosts in the store to get more mining rewards. Your commission can be as high as 25% of the total profit & 15% from in-game purchases of the referred user.

Rollercoin is by far the best bitcoin game in 2022. In addition to playing popular mini-games, you get to build your own virtual mining business. The leaderboard shows us that the top 20 players are earning well over $1,500 a month, which indicates that this is a legitimate source of passive income. You can play the mini games while in the restroom or on the train. And you will get paid for it.

The best part is that the developers are constantly improving the game, which is a good motivation to stay and play. Besides, what you got to lose besides a few minutes of your time?
the good
Doesn’t Use CPU
No Investment Required
Sign-up Bonus
Mine 8 Different Crypto
1000 Sat Sign-up Bonus
the bad
Not All Games Work on Mobile
Ads Before/after Game
No Play = No Power

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