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What is cmg

Cryptomininggame is a virtual mining simulator game where you can earn crypto in different ways without using any computer resources. One of many great features of this game is the Card Collection. Cards can be used in card decks, but each individual card also enhances your mining experience in some way or form. So collecting them by playing various games and doing missions, is a fun way for people to spend time in this game. There is also a wide range of mini games and other fun activities to return. The best thing about CMG is that each time you play, your average earnings will grow bigger!

how does it work

The main goal of this game is to increase your Mining Power (HP) by doing several tasks such as mining, jobs, missions, or playing games. There are several ways you can develope your miner in CMG. While some players like to focus on building a strong deck and dominate the battle ground, others might focus on gathering HP by doing missions. Because with each mission, you collect a small amount of HP.

the crypto world

The Crypto World is a huge World which you can explore by sending drones on missions. You can send them to collect coins, skill points, items, crates and more. Drones are also used to scan or attack other enemy players. Each mission will cost a small amount of energy. So the number of missions you can do depends on the amount of energy you can spend. For example: A level 1 mission will cost you 1 energy. A level 20 mission will cost you 20 energy.

Go to the settings panel in the Crypto World and adjust the level of missions you want to display. This will make it much easier to find the right missions without wasting time searching for them.

skills & jobs

Skill Points are collected by doing missions, opening crates or by buying them in the Blackmarket. Skill Points are directly related to Jobs and can only be used to increase a jobs performance. Each time you level up, you get more time to spend on doing jobs. You can chose to work for Crystal, Cryptocoinz, CGT and even Cards! The more time u spend working for a job, the higher your reward will be. For example if you work 1 minute for Cards you will earn 1 card. If you work the maximum of 200 minutes for Cards, you will get 200+ cards as a reward.

crypto game token

Crypto Game Token is CMG’s own registered TOKEN. The coin is listen on a few exchanges but is mostly used as in-game currency. It doesnt matter which coin you mine in this game, CGT is automatically mined for you. The CGT mining rate is directly connected to your Mining Power and Card Collection. You can use CGT to buy special offers from the shop, exchange them for Mining Power or trade them in the marketplace.

CMG is about to drop a complete new version of the website. Therefore, holding a big bag of CGT is not a bad idea at all!

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resources & items

Resources & Items can be found in your inventory. The inventory holds all items collected by doing missions in the Crypto World. Most items can only be recycled for metal, plastic and glass. The items outlined in purple are usable and will give you a small reward such as Energy or Skill Points. Becareful, some of them will give you negative energy such as ”the needle”, ”the single pill”, ”the vaccine” and both “green potions”.

card collection

The Card Collection is a huge pilar of the CMG game. There are currently 58 available cards, and new cards are made frequently. Most cards can be found by opening crates, doing card jobs and by buying offers at the shop. Each card has it’s own ability on the battlefield and a different functions in the Crypto World. A card can boost your mining power, mining time, drone speed, increase mission rate, and many other things.


There are 6 different kind of crates available in the game. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, War Crate, and Item Box. Crates can be obtained by doing missions in the Crypto World and contain several useful resources such as crystals, mining power, cards, and more. Each crate has its own timer, the timer needs to end before a crate can be opened.


The Workshop gives players the opportunity to recycle items found on missions. Items can be recycled for Metal, Glass and Plastic. Those resources can be used to upgrade mining hardware or to level up your drone’s performance. Specific resources can be used to build a ”Teleportation Device” or “World Scanner”. A higher level of these devices will requires more resources.


There are 2 different markets in this game. The “Marketplace” is the main market where people can exchange everything collected in the game. You can filter your requirements and search for a specific resource, item or coin that you want to exchange. The other market is called the “Blackmarket”, which is used to buy specific items for a small coin price, such as Skill Points, Glass, Energy Drinks and more.

mini games

CMG created eight mini games to keep the players entertained and continuesly earning. It’s a great way to kill time when your waiting for missions to return or jobs to be completed. Some games are fairly simple, while others require more playing skills. You can earn Bitz, Dogz, Litz, Hpower and Crystals. There is also a Jackpot which you are elegible to win each time you play any of these games.

victory points

Every mission, job or exploration in the CMG Crypto World will give you some Victory Points (VP). But most points are gathered by winning battles against other players. Your total Victory Points will give you a rank. The highest ranked players will be rewarded at the end of each month, depending on the amount of Victory Points collected.

Collect some VP and try to join a VMP (Alliance). At the end of each month, the VMP with the highest amount of combined VP will earn rewards. Those rewards are distributed amongs the members.

season pass

To get the Season Pass, you will have to become an Elite member. This means you have to get a membership on CMG Patron page. There are 6 different levels of memberships, while each membership has it’s own benefits and bonusses. The cheapest membership costs less then a dollar per month. It’s a great opportunity to boost your game, specially for new players. The Season Pass unlocks rewards such as Energy, items, mining boosters, and more. But you still need to collect Victory Points (play the game) to unlock reward 1 up to 100.

referral system

You can earn up to 10% of all referrals earnings: Bitz, Dogz, Litz, Bitcashz, Dashz, Etherz, CGT, CryptoCoinz & Crystals. If you are not happy with your referrals, you can sell them in exchange for some satoshi.

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