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what is sorare

Sorare is a fantasy football game based around Blockchain, where users can trade players, enter tournaments & compete for prizes worth thousands of pounds… every single week. It has a fantastic process, where cards are limited in supply, meaning that owning the best players is rewarding, both on the pitch and when trading! Remember, you get 10 Free Cards when you register here.

Each season, there is a limited supply of cards, which never expire. Tournaments are also free to enter, meaning there’s no limit on the amount of tournaments you can enter. What sets Sorare apart from the competition is the level of prizes, the use of official blockchain cards, and the support this game gets from major gaming brands—mainly ConSensys, Ubisoft, and Opta.

With that level of backing, it’s no surprise that the fantasy football franchise has the endorsement of 141 football clubs—and counting.

nft cards

There are a limited number of cards produced – hence the name “so rare.” These cards are currently split into the following categories:

  • Common cards (white) – these are a set of cards you get for free upon joining the platform and there are an unlimited number of them. You can enter them in the Rookie League (which you can only play for 8 weeks) and in higher leagues, but only one card per gameweek competition in the higher leagues.
  • Rare cards 1/100 (red) – these are cards that have value and that you can buy and sell on the platform. There are a maximum of just 100 of these printed per player per season. These cards start with a 5% scoring bonus in the season of issue.
  • Super Rare cards 1/10 (blue) – much like the Rare cards, but there are only 10 of these printed each season so they have higher value and come with a 25% scoring bonus.
  • Unique cards 1/1 (brown) – as the name would suggest, there is only one of these minted each season. They have extremely high value and come with a 50% scoring bonus.

The Sorare platform is operated on the Ethereum blockchain which means it is fully transparent and cards are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) meaning every card can be tracked, traced and verified and cannot be forged or copied.

transfer market

Sorare has a market where Traders can list their cards for sale. There’s no interaction between managers, but a simple pricing structure to get the card. To Buy from other managers, simply press the transfer market and then choose the ‘Manager Sales’ option, which will bring up all of the cards that other managers are currently selling.

You can buy any player you find. The prices are fixed, with each listing active for maximum 2 days.

selling a player

To sell a player, u’ll need to go to the gallery area, which is the showcase for all of your playing cards. From there, it’s super easy to sell your cards.  You can easily select the card that you want to sell, which will bring up a popup box. (see picture below)

You’ll notice the sell my card option. Click the ”sell my card” option and enter the price that you want to receive for the player.

Your card will be put up for sale, available for other managers to purchase. This isn’t an auction, it’s a simple market where another trader would meet your asking price and immediately trade. It’s important that you know this, so don’t get starting any low priced cards in anticipation of an auction!

If the card doesn’t sell in 2 days, the sale will be cancelled. You can put this player back up for sale if you want to. You can also cancel the initial sale, if you change your mind at any time.


As a new Sorare member, you don’t have to worry about not having a team as strong as existing users. There’s a platform in place to make the game fair for all users.

The various tournaments available all come with power cap requirements. This means that your overall team strength can’t exceed the power cap. This encourages fairness and stops people with the biggest bankrolls just entering Ronaldo, Messi and other big cards every week.

You’re rewarded for finishing in the Top 30% on the tournaments, still achieving a Tier 3 Rare player. Do you think you got what it takes to win 2 Star Rares PLUS £95 ?

Awarding the top 30% a prize is very rewarding and helpful towards new member growth. Remember that there are multiple leagues to join, so prizes really add up quickly!

Help your players develop by sending them to a Special Training League, where they can gain XP. This is perfect if you’ve invested in a player which you want to build up, before adding him to the market for a big profit.

building your team

The Gaming Arena is where you find your latest statistics, and details of tournament deadlines. When you have an active tournament deadline, you can click on Compose a Team. You can also drag and drop your players into the formation you want.

Sorare has given gamers a lot of options with the SO5 offering. A goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and forward are compulsory. Your fifth player can be any other outfielder. If you’re a seasoned fantasy football gamer, you’ll know how valuable this kind of choice can be—and the level of control it gives you.

Click the star next to a player’s card to assign them the captain’s role, and they will be awarded a bonus multiplier for their trouble. Next, validate your team. From there, choose your team name and you are ready for your first challenge.

making profit

Some people primarily play Sorare just for the fun and pure enjoyment of fantasy football. Others are in to try to make money. If you fall more into the latter category, there are many different approaches you could take when it comes to making profit from Sorare.

There are some, who simply use it as a trading platform and do so by buying players cheap and selling them for a higher price. Buying out-of-form, injured or even merely players nearing the end of their seasons can prove fruitful in the long-run as there is a fair amount of short-term thinking. Many managers focus purely on who they can use in this or next week’s tournaments leading to significant price fluctuations and opportunities for longer-term traders to succeed.

Alternatively you can just focus on putting together strong squads to compete in tournaments where you can win cards. Even if you don’t want the card you win, it will carry a value and you should be able to sell it to another manager for Ethereum. The very top positions also carry ETH rewards (which can be exchanged outside of the platform for FIAT currencies such as the Dollar, Pound or Euro).

Ethereum Volatility

It’s important to understand that while you can view trades converted to your own currency, ultimately all business on Sorare is done in ETH. Like many cryptocurrencies, it is prone to wild swings in its value. While over the past year or so, the cost of one ETH has soared from 300 to over 3000 USD at the time of writing, there are periods when ETH also falls in value quite rapidly.

While you don’t need to understand everything about cryptocurrencies to join Sorare, you at least need to be comfortable with the volatility of them. It is worth pointing out that there is not a total correlation between the value of cards and price of ETH. Indeed increasingly, more and more managers seem to value their players in their own FIAT currency, and Sorare themselves have made recent moves that should increase that trend by pegging rewards to USD valuations.

withdrawing funds

While you can deposit funds and buy player cards using your debit or credit card, withdrawing is currently slightly more complicated (although this is likely to change with time). You will need another Ethereum wallet on another cryptocurrency exchange or platform such as Coinbase or Bitpanda.

From there you will be able to transfer the funds into your currency and withdraw it to your bank. For the uninitiated this can seem like a daunting prospect, but educating yourself on crypto and the blockchain can be a useful process as this technology is most likely going to become more and more common in our lives in the years to come.

Sorare has enormous potential to grow and become a global fantasy football hotspot for gamers. The recent gathering of $50m in funding is very significant for Sorare and gives them the ability to scale up quickly and grow the game and user base. At the same time, big backers like Benchmark, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and footballers Rio Ferdinand, Antoine Griezmann and Andre Schuerrle would not be backing Sorare if the project was not looking promising.

Any investment opportunity has a chance of failure. So keep those risks in mind and only put in what you would be happy to lose in case things go wrong.
the good
Official Licenses
F2P (free to play)
Big NFT Market
the bad
Low Card Drop Possibility
Can”t Sell Common Cards

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