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What is the sandbox

The Sandbox positions itself as a play-to-earn virtual world where players can own, build and monetize virtual assets. The project has partnered with many influencers, brands, and artists, which include Snoop Dogg, Atari, and Deadmau5. The crypto metaverse uses its native token SAND to underpin the entirety of the in-game economy.

NFTs are changing how we collect art, build communities, earn, and play. Many NFT-based projects are evolving into full-blown metaverses, and The Sandbox is sitting front and center.

The Sandbox is unique from other crypto metaverse projects in that its user-generated content ecosystem makes contributing to the metaverse a simple and intuitive task for players without any coding skills. 

Crypto VoxEdit

The VoxEdit is a Voxel Editing software developed by the Sandbox team and is an integral part of The Sandbox ecosystem. It helps artists create the ASSETS for The Sandbox metaverse. The Voxel, in simple terms, is a 3D-pixel and is the building block for all the ASSETS on The Sandbox. VoxEdit offers three key functions, Modelling, Animation, and NFT Conversion.

With the Modelling function, artists can design and create the 3D voxelated versions of the particular design they have in mind for their asset, or import an earlier work made for another game like Minecraft. With the Animation function, artists can ‘rig’ and animate various parts of their ASSET and create unique movements for various scenarios in the game.

Finally, once the artist is satisfied with his creation and has tested its interaction in a game, he can choose to mint his ASSET into an NFT with the VoxEdit platform. If you have exported your assets to the Sandbox, they will be visible on your profile. You can then choose to share it via the marketplace as a virtual asset on the blockchain.

The Marketplace

The Marketplace is built on the Ethereum blockchain where ASSET owners and creators can freely trade. The primary currency to trade on the marketplace is $SAND. To access and use this marketplace, you must be connected to the Ethereum mainnet and have an account created at the sandbox website. You can buy and sell NFTs on the platform for $SAND, provided you have a little bit of $ETH in your wallet for gas. For all assets sold on the marketplace, 95% of the proceeds go to the seller and 5% goes to the Sandbox Creator and Game Maker Fund.

Currently, there are four categories of ASSETS that can be purchased in the marketplace; Entities, Equipment, Wearables, and Art. Some of these categories are purely cosmetic and some offer additional utility to your game experience.

Game Maker

The Sandbox isn’t just one single game; it consists of many standalone games, environments, and other experiences. The creators have left the universe open-ended for creators and players to ultimately build, own, and monetize the metaverse. You can use the Game Maker to create 3D games within the metaverse. No prior coding knowledge is required, so even inexperienced game designers can start building games.

The team has left the universe open-ended for creators and players to ultimately build, own, and monetize the metaverse.

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the lAND

You can create game experiences in the Game Maker for free, but to publish them and let other players participate, you’ll need a LAND. Land is a digital piece of real estate in the Sandbox Metaverse. Each LAND is a unique non-fungible ERC-721 token.

LANDs from the previous public sales can be bought in the secondary market on OpenSea. In total, 166,464 LANDs will be available for sale ever. It is possible to rent and borrow the LANDs. Further, players can merge adjacent LANDs into larger parcels called ESTATEs.

Renting Land

LAND owners are able to rent their LANDs out to others, including gamers who missed their chance to grab a LAND in the initial sales. Once all of the LANDs have been sold, the demand for LANDs to rent will soar as more and more people discover The Sandbox and decide they want to publish an experience there.

SAND Token

The SAND token (ERC-20) is the native utility token used in the Sandbox metaverse. For example, to buy LANDs from public sales in-game, you’ll need to have SAND on your wallet. Game assets, Gems, and Catalysts must be all purchased from the Marketplace using SAND token. Asset designers can upload their creations to the Marketplace using SAND. 

Game Makers Fund

The Game Maker Fund is an initiative that supports game designers in The Sandbox’s metaverse by funding creators’ projects and publishing their games. The program is unlimited so you can pitch your game and sign up today.

Sandbox Staking

The Sandbox will allow LAND owners to stake cryptocurrency on their LANDs to earn passive rewards in return. One of these rewards are GEMs, an ERC-20 token which is highly coveted and sought-after by asset designers. Alongside the regular staking rewards, these GEMs can be sold on the marketplace as well.

If you are providing SAND-ETH liquidity to the UniSwap liquidity pool, the number of LANDs you own also act as a multiplier, increasing the amount of the SAND cryptocurrency that you earn from liquidity mining.

Selling AD Space

Thanks to billboard-like features that will allow you to embed links, images, NFT previews and video files, you can sell prime advertising space on your LAND. Depending on the exact location of your LAND, some businesses, such as indie game development studios, will be interested in advertising their business on your LAND, which you could contractually charge them for.

Referral Program
  • The referral system will reward a 10% bonus, paid in same crypto-currency, for every new user signup that buys a LAND (or ESTATE).
  • The referral system works as an incentive for anyone to drive new users to make LAND (or ESTATE) purchases, and they receive in return the referral bonus (10% of all purchases) for a 30 days period.
  • You can only be paid on the Wallet Address defined under the User Account
  • All commissions fees will be paid automatically by smart-contract, without any human intervention on the process
While The Sandbox faces stiff competition from Decentraland, Roblox, Bloktopia, and others, there is good reason for its popularity.
The team behind the platform has maintained a steadfast focus on the platform’s development, crafting a busy road for the future. Also, The Sandbox has partnered with strategic stakeholders and sponsors that have garnered traffic and investor attention.
For those looking to get started with The Sandbox, the easiest way is to set up a wallet and acquire a few SAND tokens. Gameplay can be free or paid, and for only a few dollars you can put your creativity to work and sell NFT accessories. If NFT isn’t for you, then there are always plots of land, which can be monetized through events, workplaces, public spaces and more.
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