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3-type Referral Program is a great opportunity to maximize crypto by simply inviting friends to the dynamic Biswap ecosystem. Receive a percentage of your friends’ earnings as an additional bonus to your profits on Biswap!

Referral rewards can be received from Swaps, Farms & Launchpools:

  • Exchanges: you can expect a certain commission reward every time your invited friend makes a swap. Referral rewards from exchanges will be active for certain pairs & will be sent to your balance immediately after a swap. This feature will be available in the nearest future on Biswap.
  • Farms & Launchpools: get a 5% in BSW back from your friends’ earnings. After your invited friends get BSW tokens to their wallets, you can withdraw the rewards from your referral account.

What are the benefits of the 3-type Referral Program on Biswap?

Among lots of DeFi platforms, the Biswap referral program is well-known and valued for its uniqueness! The three-type setup will give your friends a prospect to make a profit using multiple options (Exchanges, Farms, Launchpools) and at the same time, this will convert into valuable bonuses for you!

You will have three separate referral balances, including:

  1. Farms referral balance
  2. Launchpool referral balance
  3. Swaps referral balance

How to Become a Referrer?

  1. Connect a wallet to the Biswap platform and generate your individual referral link in the Referral section
  2. Invite your friends to register via your referral link
  3. Receive referral rewards in mighty BSW from your friends’ earnings and swaps!

How to Connect to Biswap via Referrer’s Link as a Referral?

  1. Click the referral link, that your friend sent to you
  2. You will be transferred to the Biswap home page platform.
  3. Use Connect button in the top right corner of the webpage to join the platform by using your BEP-20 wallet

In order to gain 5% from friends’ earnings, the referral needs to connect his BEP-20 wallet to the Biswap platform right after he clicks the referral link. If he switches to another page of the Biswap platform without the wallet’s connection — he won’t be registered as your referral, so 5% earn won’t be activated.

Who are active & inactive referrals?

All the users who joined the Biswap via the referral link are shown on the page of the referral link owner as follows:

  • Active referral — a referral who has become a liquidity provider on Biswap Farms or has started staking his BSW in BSW Launchpool.
  • Inactive referral — a referral who has connected his wallet, but has not made any actions on the Biswap platform, that ​​are provided for in the conditions of the Referral Program, yet.

When an active referral takes his profits either from the Launchpool (makes Harvest or Compound) or from Biswap Farms — the referral link owner will earn a BSW reward equal to 5% of the referral’s profit on Farms and 5% in the Launchpool.

To put it in a nutshell, Biswap 3-type Referral System is a great win-win scenario for you and your friends to gain profit together!

How to share crypto with friends via 3-type referral program

It is also possible to share a portion of your rewards (10%, 25%, 50%) with your friends. Simply choose the percentage of rewards you want to share in the My referral link section, near your generated referral link:

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