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For the 8th Chaos Legion airdrop card, each pack purchased up until the 8M mark will have a 0.19% chance of receiving the card, which means that 1 in every 525 packs will receive the card on average. Additionally, players will be GUARANTEED to receive one of the cards for every 525 Chaos Legion packs purchased. Finally, each airdropped card received will have a 4% (or 1 out of 25) chance of being a Gold Foil version of the card.

The Carnage Titan is a massive, 11-mana Dragon splinter Legendary Monster who can deal out a bunch of damage as well as he can take it! His huge size gives him the Reach ability which allows him to use his Melee attack from the second position on the battlefield, and the Double Strike ability means he attacks twice each round. On top of that, his tough armor plating gives him the Shield ability which reduces the damage done from Melee and Ranged attacks!

Splinterartists is a new initiative designed to empower our incredibly talented community artists while helping them to build and develop a brand for themselves in the NFT art space.Splinterlands will be searching for amazing artists to commission them to create Splinterlands inspired art which will be minted on our new Splintertalk account, Splinterartists.

Inferno was created by Aleksandra Shiga (@atanvardo) and is part of her Splinterartists “Summoners” Collection.

Inferno is a limited edition NFT with only 25 editions available

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