Zoom! Pow! Vroom! Welcome to the wacky world of Boom Wheels, where kart racing has never been this cool or crazy! Get ready to hop into your supercharged go-kart and speed through the coolest tracks ever. Each race track is like its own wild adventure, ready for you to explore and conquer! But whats a race without some awesome power-ups? Boost yourself into lightning speed, blow everyone up with rockets, smash your opponents with a heavy stone, or lay banana peels for the other racers. Outsmart and outspeed your friends and rivals with these super cool power-ups. Use them wisely and watch your kart shoot to the front of the pack! So, buckl


Desktop: Use *WASD* or *arrow keys* to move. Press *Spacebar* to use powerup. Mobile: *Touch left-right* side of the screen to steer. Touch the *brake icon* to decelerate. *Swipe up* to use power ups.


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