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what is world of cryptoids

World of Cryptoids is a pokemon inspired metaverse world where players can breed, own, and monetize their Cryptoids using a variety of blockchain based tokens. $CAC is the primary governance token and the game has been designed around being a sustainable Play to Earn blockchain game (P2E). By fighting against other Cryptoids, players can earn token rewards and later on build their own Kingdom throughout the Land play ecosystem.

World of Cryptoids gameplay is designed around a sustainable economy allowing players to invest in the game and receive sustainable rewards over a long period of time. The game features a whole host of new experiences including breeding, land battles, adventure mode (PvE), and arena mode (PvP battles).

how does it work

Each of the Cryptoids that the game revolves around has its own health, speed, ability, and luck. In addition, each creature has a certain race. These races indicate how much advantage or disadvantage a Cryptoid has over another Cryptoid. For example, an animal race Cryptoid does 15% more damage to a vitamin race Cryptoid, but it does 15% less damage to a spirit race Cryptoid. In total, there are six different Cryptoid races that players can encounter, and every race has the upper hand or deficit against a race. 

the battle

The battles in the game are turn-based, and the main objective is to eliminate the opponent by overpowering their three Cryptoids. Each round, players must use a certain amount of energy to make a move. This feature increases the importance of strategic planning and foreseeing the future moves of the opponents. To be the winner of these battles, players must defeat all 3 of the opposing side’s Cryptoids, and at least one of their own creatures must survive.

game modes

The gameplay of World of Cryptoids consists of three main modes; Adventure Mode, Arena Mode, and Season Ranking. In Adventure Mode, players create three-Cryptoid bands to overcome hardships while traveling on the world map. Upon defeating a set of monsters on a level, they gain the right to move up to the next level. On this adventure, players might face harder and stronger monsters. In that case, being able to defeat them will grant more rewards to players and more experience points to Cryptoids.

In Arena Mode, players gather teams of Cryptoids to fight against each other and declare their mastery over the opponent. The most significant difference between this turn-based and energy-consuming Adventure Mode is that the opponents are real players, not AI.

Season Mode is the most competitive and the most rewarding game mode of the game. Players participate in battles to receive trophies based on their performances. Their MMR determines their rank; if they lose, they will lose MMR and can even be downgraded to a lower level. At the beginning of each season, players’ rankings reset. Players earn CAC and CGC tokens as rewards at the end of the season based on their performance in this mode.

body parts

Each Cryptoid has 6 body parts: Ears, Weapon, Horns, Tail, Eyes, and Mouth. Horns, Ears, Weapon, and Tail determine which cards a Cryptoid can use in battle. Each body part adds stats depending on the race of the part.

As you can see in the picture below, this Cryptoid has Popsicle as his ears, giving him the Crispy card, Ripe as his weapon, giving him the Poisonous Melon card, Armorhead as horns, giving him the Thick And Heavy card, and Greens as his tail, giving him the Kickback card.

the race

Each Cryptoid has a race. Each Race is weak and strong against other certain races. When calculating damage, the card race of the attacking move is compared to the Cryptoid race of the defender. This means that an Animal card used to attack a Vitamin Cryptoid will deal 15% additional damage. An Animal card used to attack a Spirit Cryptoid will deal 15% less damage.

In addition, when a Cryptoid of a certain race uses a card from its race it gets a 15% attack/shield bonus. For example, a Food Cryptoid playing a Food card will receive 15% extra attack/shield. Important to note is that these bonuses stack. An Animal Cryptoid using an Animal card against a Vitamin target will do 30% (15% + 15%) more damage. Races also affect the stats that a Cryptoid has.

token information

World of Cryptoids uses two different cryptocurrencies, CAC and CGC. The CAC token is the governance token of the game. Players can earn the CAC token by participating in special events and tournaments and selling NFT assets on the game’s marketplace. Players can also use CAC tokens for governance purposes and staking. The CGC token is the in-game token of the game. Players can earn this token by winning in PvE and PvP modes. The CGC token can be used to breed Cryptoids, stake, and increase the energy pool of Cryptoids.

Crypeggs nft

CrypEggs are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that can easily be bought, traded, and sold through the marketplace. The first few CrypEggs will be available to users that have been whitelisted and will hatch to become Cryptoids after five (5) days. CrypEggs are rare and highly sought after with each one hatching into a random Cryptoid with potentially extremely rare traits.

As more and more entrants enter the ecosystem, Cryptoids can breed with each other through a combination of $CAC and $CGC tokens. These CrypEggs will hold several traits taken from their “parents” and become a Cryptoid after five (5) days.

breeding cryptoids

Cryptoids can breed with each other to produce superior Cryptoids which share similar traits. In order to avoid hyperinflation and to sustain the game economy, the more times a Cryptoid has bred, the more expensive and thus harder it is to sustain the production. The maximum number of breeds will be capped at seven (7) per Cryptoid.

A combination of both $CAC and $CGC will be required in order to breed Cryptoids in addition to a pair of Cryptoids.

There’s both dominant and recessive genes and each Cryptoid will have a chance of generating new and potentially rare traits each time one is bred.

the marketplace

The marketplace is a core piece of the World of Cryptoids ecosystem. Users can buy, sell, and trade Cryptoids and CrypEggs through the marketplace. With the advent of low cost and high speed blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain(BSC), this has allowed users to be able to trade and transfer their NFTs seamlessly between users accounts.

For the purposes of NFT storage and trading, Metamask is the recommended wallet.

Participation in the marketplace will require the user to have the relevant wallet set up. This can be explained in more detail in the Getting Started section of the whitepaper. Users can explore and filter by a variety of settings such as Race, Stage, or Breed Count.

cryptoid staking

In order to create a sustainable ecosystem whereby tokens will appreciate in value over time, we have implemented several anti dumping mechanisms and to encourage users to HODL and keep breeding in order to keep fresh players coming into the game.

Players can stake both their CGC and CAC for more rewards over time. This not only allows the token economy to be stronger but also encourages players to HODL their coins rather than selling the tokens at a profit. By locking your tokens you will receive tokens that vest over time that will be given in CAC.

the kingdom

The Kingdom is the second game launched under the World of Cryptoids game and features land purchasable by players in the form of NFTs. Each landowner will receive tax in the form of CGC from players in the region which provides a sustainable income source.

Landowners will be able to do a number of things with the land including:

1.Breeding more Cryptoids

2.Farming on the Land

3.Land Rental

Cryptoidia, Cryptoids homeland, is divided into tokenized plots of land which act as homes and bases of operation for their Cryptoids. Plots can be upgraded over time using a variety of resources and crafting ingredients that can be found when playing the game.

In addition, land-owners might find CAC and CGC tokens on their landplots. Resources can be harvested by the landowners, and the rarer the land plot, the more resources there will be.

scholarships & guilds

There is a significant gameplay built around leasing and hiring other gamers to help you power your Cryptoids through the challenges of the game.

One of the main features they’ve included is a Scholar management program where you can decide the number of mCGC to distribute to yourself and the manager. Additionally, the game has been designed with this program in mind and as such we have made it blockchain proof.

Scholars will be able to login via the web portal and farm mCGC on your account while you can sit back and breed Cryptoids all day.

scholarship management

World of Cryptoids features a full set of tools for managing scholars because that’s what gaming is all about – spreading fun and making money

After the player’s account has three (3) Cryptoids that can be played, the account can be rented to other players to play on behalf of that player. According to the lease agreement (scholar) signed by the two parties (and an intermediary), the income generated by the account is based on the agreed split.

invite your friends

World of Cryptoids features an advanced referral program to encourage viral spreading of the game universe to friends and family. By sending and encouraging other users to buy CrypEggs, WoC rewards users up to 10% for each transaction made. In this regard, users will be able to track their number of referrals and receive referrals from the friends they refer as well. This endless process will essentially reach a number where your friends have referred different parties and you will get a share of this reward on an endless multi level stream.

World of Cryptoids is a hot upcoming game, where players can earn while playing. It features Cryptoids which are NFTs that you can collect, trade, breed, as well as CrypEggs that you can buy and hatch. The Cryptoids are as cute as they are badass. You can play it on both browser and mobile, making it as user-friendly as possible. Players will be able to go through levels of npc battles, boss battles, as well as play against other players and get rewards. It’s a game definitely worth your time, once you try it out you’ll immediately fall in love with it.
the good
Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Hire Players to Earn
Liquidity Pools
the bad
Limited F2P Options
Metamask Required

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